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President's Report

The Woman's Club of Rialto enjoyed a great 2010 to 2011 year, which included a very memorable Centennial celebration!

The Executive Board did not go dark during the months of May, June, July and August. President Catherine Ekaitis wanted to keep the Board going so that they could discuss the continued Clubhouse repairs, the Club's calendar, our renters, a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser, the Centennial celebration, Fashion Show etc.
Our District President, Virginia Mayer-Oakes acquired a few of our Board members to serve on a District level for the President's Roundtable, Summer, Fall and Winter Conferences during the year. Winnie Hanson chaired our Amenities Committee with Catherine Ekaitis, Stacy Roberson and DeLois Rice to assist her. Sylvia Jimenez helped to organize the District Mailbox and DeLois Rice was the President's assistant. This enabled our club to be seen and involved on a District level.

Catherine saved the old ticket stubs from the 2010 Fashion Show and created a mailing list from them. She sent letters to all the addresses of the women who had supported the Club at the Fashion Show, inviting them to the Membership Luncheon, Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser and to our Centennial Celebration. We received many supporters to our events.

The women have been inviting their friends to club meetings and we have received a few new members during the past year.

Our newsletter, "Women's Writes," published by Denise Werner, keeps the membership informed of current and future activities of the club. Newsletters are sent in August, October, December, February and April.
Our Membership Luncheon was well attended and our speaker was Stephanie Stark, president of the Contemporary Club in Redlands. She encouraged the women to get involved!

We've had a few fundraisers to help bring in much needed money for the various charities and high school scholarships that we support:

The women have involved themselves in a few altruistic projects:

Our Centennial was a great success!! It was held on November 10th, 2010. We had friends from far and near come to our pink palace to honor our Club with their presence. We were especially honored to have Kathy McGraw our CFWC President, Toby Kahan our Area C Vice President, Sonia Matthies our Area D Vice President and of course a few of the neighboring women's clubs that came to our celebration: The Bloomington Woman's Club, The Grand Terrace Woman's Club and The San Bernardino District Officers. Our various friends from the city of Rialto were there to congratulate us: Karen Serrano and Jenell Beer (representing Joe Baca Sr.) Joe Baca Jr., Edward Carrillo, Ed Palmer, Mary Armstrong (representing Gloria Negrete McLeod), Consuelo Bottini (Womans Club of Rialto member) represented the Rialto Library, our friends from BIDA, Gerry Vaughan and last, but certainly not least - our very own Rialto Historian John Adams!! We had borrowed lovely dresses and hats from The Rialto Historical Society to decorate our stage and we pulled out old scrapbooks and yearbooks that told our story.

We look forward to another year of Club activities to support our community in Rialto.


State of the Rialto Woman's Club - 2011
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