You ask us what lessons we have learned since becoming District Presidents. There are so many.

The first and most important thing that comes to my mind is the importance of having a good team. A good team, whether of mules or huskies has a leader, but it is the TEAM that gets the work done. The function of the leader is in guiding, and keeping the team out of danger. As with other teams, when one falters, the others must step in to take up the slack. I am fortunate to have such a team in the San Bernardino District.

Remember the old adage that "A title and 10 cents will buy you a cup of coffee anywhere in the America", except that now you need about 5 dollars for the coffee. Mention the title when dealing with outside groups, or when you need to identify yourself, but forget it the rest of the time. People will respect you for what you do.

We are all volunteers, so learning to ASK for help is very important. Clubwomen WANT to help, but it is important to match the task at hand to the interests of the person asked. So many generous women in our district have been willing to help. There is one caveat: "Don't ask anyone to do something you wouldn't be willing to do yourself."

So what has this accomplished?

During this term, the GFWC/CFWC San Bernardino District has:

Completed the incorporation process and completely re-established its 5013 status with Federal and State entities;

Given three nursing scholarships;

Donated 35 filled backpacks, over 200 new towels and washcloths, and 40 sets of sheets and books for youth to the Salvation Army Transitional Living Center in San Bernardino;

Raised $275 for UNICEF Healthy Villages and $302 for Operation Smile;

Held the Mini-LEADS workshop and sponsored LEADS candidate Wendy Curran;

Held workshops for club presidents, deans and membership chairman and financial officers.

Sponsored a new club, GFWC Mentone's Precious Gems Women's Club for membership in CFWC.

And these are just the highlights of what a strong TEAM can accomplish in little over a year.

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