President's Report

How time flies when youre having fun! Our Executive Board met in early May 2015 and set some pretty lofty goals... Im happy to report our ladies outdid themselves! Our Members worked on 15 different projects throughout the year and volunteered 338 hours.

Our Clubhouse was built in the 1920s and, unlike modern buildings that have central air and heating, our Clubhouse still has an old fashion swamp cooler which makes Summer Meeting almost impossible. So we did the next best thing ... we sent out a newsletter to all the members with updates and fun facts to keep our members engaged during the summer.

Our luncheons had fun themes thanks to our Past-Presidents- October was Creepy and Kooky, November was a celebration of Good Will and Thanks, January celebrated New Beginnings, February was in honor of Red Dress Day and April was in honor of Spring. Needless to say our themed luncheons were a hit.

Events: This year we held some old favorite and added some new events. In September we held our Annual Ice Cream Social. Over 100 community members attended this fun event. Our local Boys & Girls Clubs Leaders In Training kids served up ice cream and all the fixings.

We hosted the All Service Club Luncheon in December. Over 250 community members joined us in collecting toys for the needy youth of our community.

We partnered with the Fontana Rotary Club and held our first International Day of Woman Dinner where we honored 4 outstanding women from our community. Over 100 community members attended the dinner.

As we end the year we will be working with local businesses to help with much needed improvements to our beloved Clubhouse.

I am so grateful to our Past-Presidents. They have welcomed me and given me so much advice and assistance this past year. Thanks to them we have had a fun and exciting 2015-16.

Terrie Schneider, President

State of the Fontana Woman's Club  2015-16
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