President's Report

As I was reflecting on the past year at our Club and putting together our tri-fold for the convention, I thought WOW! We have really been busy. I could not possibly share all in two minutes, so I decided to highlight three interesting events.

1. Last summer each week for a month, the A.K. Smiley Library used our building for their summer childrens' program. Each Tuesday our building was filled with around 100 happy children learning and having fun.

2. Our Club is celebrating 120 years of service to our members and community. The Contemporary Club was founded in 1894 and joined the General Federation of Womens Clubs in 1896. Last November at our regular meeting, our program consisted of a group of our ladies dressed up in the period of the early 1900s (wearing their hats and, of course, gloves). In those years, ladies came to the meetings dressed "very proper". Our performers shared interesting stories and gave the history of our Club. In January, we celebrated with a "Celebration Luncheon". Many months went into planning and sending out invitations to all our district clubs. Several from other clubs attended along with local dignitaries. We honored the past presidents of our club, along with the district clubs past presidents.  Our longest standing member, Mary Covington, was in attendance. She joined in 1955. Another longtime member celebrated her 96th birthday that day.

3. Last but not least, we really enjoyed hosting the "District Fashion Show Luncheon" this spring. We decided to make it a fundraiser for our Club. We planned, cooked, and served the luncheon. Lots of work but it was fun working together. Our Club is getting stronger and the chain is getting longer as we add new members. My theme for the past year is "Serving one another, the link in the chain that holds us together." I look forward to the next year as we serve each other and serve our community of Redlands.

Thank you! CFWC, Maxine Flater, President 

State of the Contemporary Club  of Redlands2013-14
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