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CFWC 2016
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Our winners were:
• Dig Thru The Stash (Fabric): 1st: Cecile Collar, Upland WC

• String Me Along (Yarn/Thread): 1st: Nikki Ott, Crest Forest WC

• Rifle Thru Those Papers (Paper): 1st: Norma Bethel, Grand Terrace WC

• Silver Threads Among the Gold (Wire/Metal): 1st: Kay Keifel, Yucaipa WC

• Upcycle From What? (Trash to Treasure): 1st: Carolyn Crowe Payne, Grand Terrace WC;
                                                                    2nd: Joanne Miller, WC of San Bernardino;
                                                                    3rd: Sharon Salitio, Rancho Cucamonga WC

• I Stopped By The Store (Purchased Flowers): 1st: Cecile Collar, Upland WC;
                                                                         2nd: Sharon Salito, Rancho Cucamonga WC;
                                                                         3rd: Nancy Austin, Grand Terrace WC

• OOO! Don’t Touch! (Succulents): 1st: Cecile Collar, Upland WC;
                                                       2nd: Patty Salyer, Upland WC;
                                                       3rd: Nancy Austin, Grand Terrace WC

• Yum, Yum! (Edibles): 1st: Karen Cornelius, WC of San Bernardino

•  What Do I Do With This? (Other Stuff): 1st: Virginia Cosby, Yucaipa WC;
                                                                2nd: Beverly Stoops, Barstow WC;
                                                                3rd: Jan Fuller, Rancho Cucamonga WC

• Best of Show: Virginia Crosby, Yucaipa WC