Most Frequently Asked Reporting Questions


Listed below you will find actual questions (with answers) from members that have come to
GFWC Headquarters via email, regular mail and the telephone.

Should a copy of the club report be sent to the GFWC President?

NO, the president has access to the reports that come to the Program Dept.

Should the state chairman/dean bundle club reports and send them to GFWC?
NO, they should be sent to GFWC directly from the clubs.

Must clubs write reports?

NO, although reports greatly enhance the possibility of-winning awards. In addition, reports are used to produce the
Program Dept. Annual Report and in the GFWC grant writing process.

How much funding does GFWC get for each volunteer hour that it reports?

GFWC  doesn't receive funding for each volunteer hour it reports. Instead, the funding is requested based on the needs of the program.

Why can't we return to single spacing and two pages for the narratives?

We have! This is a good example of members expressing their desires and the president-elect listening.

Do club presidents send a report to state and national?

Yes, clubs send a report to their states and a copy to the national office.

Flow do volunteer hours influence the obtaining of grant monies?

When writing grant proposals, information from the reports is always used including the number of hours. Companies are VERY interested in the "track record" of an organization.

What's up with the Community Improvement Program? Where will activities be reported?

The program will now be called the Community Improvement Contest which is what it really is.
CIC projects should be reported to the appropriate existing program,

Where did HOBY go and does GFWC still support it?

HOBY should be reported in the Leadership Program under Youth Leadership.

Yes, GFWC continues to supports HOBY and a number of other youth leadership programs.

What if there is only one state chairman per department versus a chairman for each program - must she report for every program or just send a department report?

She needs to send a report for each program to the appropriate GFWC chairman; a department report is unacceptable.


Does a separate statistical report form need to be submitted for each program?

No, all programs should be reported on one form. In addition, clubs are encouraged to attach separate narratives for all programs.

Since we no longer have Special Projects in each department, where do we place the "stuff' that is done and not mentioned in the program books?"

The club should choose the area that most closely relates to their project and report it there. For instance, if they work at the local health clinic,
they might want to report it to the health program. The
important thing is to report all projects.

Can time and mileage to and from meetings and events be counted?

Time and mileage to and from regular meetings cannot be counted; however, both can be counted to and from club events.

Does a fundraising report go to each "chairman" on the GFWC fundraising committee?

No, the state fundraising report goes to the committee chairman only. Although the statistics are compiled at HQ, clubs will want to send a narrative mentioning work in as many areas of fundraising as possible.

Where would I report trips to gardens?
In the Beautification Program.

How do we fill out the reporting form when the club hasn't participated in the activity?
Don 't fill in that section of the form.

If an individual member does "volunteer work," can it be reported?

Work done by individual members cannot be counted unless the activity is an "approved by the club " project.

What can be cross reported?

Cross reporting is no longer an option in any of the programs.

What if a club finds a similar activity in two different programs? Where is it reported?

GFWC has tried to eliminate all such references, but either option/program would be acceptable.

What is the reporting period?

Jan 1 through December 31

Where do I find the report form on the website?

Go to, click on Member Area and you will find it.

We make origami cards as a craft that it donates to a nursing home. Where does that get reported?

All crafts not mentioned should be reported in the Arts in the Community Program, as the other items in the Arts Department are both contests.

Someome told me that nothing could be reported unless it is a GFWC project. Is this true?

No, this is not true.  In fact, it is just the opposite.  GFWC wants to know what clubwomen are doing.
The information is used for PR purposes and to develop new projects. Everything should be reported.

Why can't we report online?

Although that is being looked into by GFWC, at the current time clubs can download the form and use it to report.
Reporting online is very expensive mostly due to security reasons,



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