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President's Report
Our club year started with the June 2013 Executive Board Meeting and plans were made and the calendar set for the 2013-2014 year. Even though our Club is dark June to September, the Executive Board meets in June and August to make preparations for the next year. In July the Budget committee met to prepare the Club Budget and have ready for the August Board Meeting.

This year, we had a special event happen on June 6th. Our 3-year project of placing a community sign showing the service organizations in our town was completed. This was the culmination of a 20+ year dream for our club.

Also, in June our club participated in “Grand Terrace Day” by volunteering to fingerprint local children and providing a record of the prints to the parents. We have been doing this for many years.

September started with our Membership Tea at the home of one of our members. We invited 15 ladies to attend and had 3 ladies at the tea, 2 of which joined the club. At our first meeting of the club in September we welcomed a new caterer and had a presentation from Option House regarding the program we support with Birthday Boxes. Tickets were distributed for our annual Hamburger BBQ in November as well.

October was a busy month for us. At our general meeting, club members were invited to participate in our “Craft Show”. Several ladies brought various items they had worked on over the summer and the best-in-show entry was also entered in the District’s Craft Show that month, winning there and going on to the State level. In addition, one of our members, Pat Nix, Past CFWC President, was presented a 50-year pin for membership in our club at the District’s Fall Conference. Also, in October, for the local Halloween Haunt our club sells a hot dog, drink and bag of chips for $1.00 – a project we have been doing for over 20 years. It is not a fundraiser but rather a way of participating in a community event.

In November, we held our annual Hamburger BBQ in conjunction with the community’s Country Fair – a fundraiser that has been going on for 30 years or more. We had a presentation at our general meeting by a local police canine unit that was very informative.

Some of our club members participate with Santa Claus, Inc. every December and this year was no different with club members donating their time and over 100 books for the children. In addition, our biggest philanthropic event, the Child Help Project, got underway with the local canned food drive, the toy donation drives by our partners, Paragon, a local tattoo shop, and the purchase of children’s clothes for the families we were assisting this year. In fact, we served 7 families with food, toys and clothes and an additional 3 families with food. Our club members donate perishable items to the families, the local Lions Club also help out with a Stater Bros gift card, and the club purchases turkeys for the families as well. This year found us helping many more of our local families than ever before. Club members donate time for food sorting, shopping and delivery. This year marks our 28th consecutive year of helping local families in need.

January 2014 started off with the crush of report writing – chronicling our club members’ volunteer efforts in various projects. We submitted 12 reports in reportable categories to the District. At the January general meeting we held a “Beautiful Baby” Pageant asking all members to submit a picture of themselves as babies. We had a great time guessing who all the cute babies were!

February is the month we honor our Past Presidents and this year we also awarded an Honorary Life Membership to a most deserving member, Betty Daniel. At our general meeting we had a presentation by “Betsy Ross” and learned a lot about how our flag came to be.

On March 19th we held an Anniversary Tea to commemorate 106 years of service to our community. Members made tea sandwiches and other goodies to share with our guests. It was a lovely affair, with tea served in tea pots from the private collection of one of our members.

In April out theme was “Hawaiian Luau” at the General Meeting and when the entertainment cancelled at the last minute, club member Nancy Hassard stepped in to teach us a dance and we had a dance-off for prizes. It was something to be seen for sure! We have several members attending the District 58th Annual Convention.

And on a sad note, we lost a dear member Elizabeth Duarte on April 3rd. We will miss her terribly.

We have 2 members attending the CFWC Convention in San Jose. At the May general meeting, the Officers for 2014-2015 will be installed.

This President is in awe of what was accomplished this year and looks forward to the new club year.

State of the Grand Terrace Woman's Club  2013-2014
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