The San Bernardino District Disaster Relief Fund has been established to provide an operation procedure for disbursing monetary assistance to any SBD club owning their clubhouse and those clubs that meet elsewhere that sustain damage/loss in a major disaster.

A major disaster is described as an act of God: i.e., earthquake, flood, fire caused by high winds and/or tornadoes.

Clubs must submit two copies of the grant application form which is available from the District Financial Secretary.

The grant form must be signed by the Club President and Club Treasurer, if available, or two officers of the club.

The grant application will be evaluated by the Disaster Relief Fund Committee as to need and availability of District funds.

The grant form must contain information of what is covered by club's (or facility where club meetings are held) insurance company. Insurance company information must contain its evaluation of damages and its coverage of said damage or loss.

This is a grant, free and clear, and carries no obligation for repayment. There is no responsibility on the part of the club, or facility where club meetings are held, receiving money from this fund to reimburse the District.

Donation to the San Bernardino District Disaster Relief Fund is encouraged.
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