Dig thru the Stash!

          Fabric: cottons, satin, lace, ribbons, burlap, most any fabric!

          String me along…

          Yarn/thread: Any weight yarn, crochet thread, twine, rope?

          Rifle thru those papers...

          Paper: typing paper, card stock, newspaper, magazines, old books,
            coffee filters, tissue paper, etc.!

          Silver threads among the Gold or tin or copper…

          Wire or metal:  Crochet wire, cut soda cans, use your imagination!

          Upcycled from what?

          Trash to treasure: egg cartons, plastic bottles, plastic spoons, and more!

          I stopped by the store…

          Purchased Flowers: Make a center piece from purchased items.

          OOO! Don’t touch! 


          Yum, Yum!


          What do I do with this?

          Other stuff

New for 2017!!!

          Look over there!

          Fairy Gardens

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