Colton Woman's Club was founded and organized by approximately 50 Colton women on Oct 27,1900. It is a non-profit, self sustaining organization. Originally it was known as the "Current Events Club". When it was federated in 1901, the name was officially changed to COLTON WOMAN'S CLUB.

The initial goal in 1900 was to provide school children with library type books. With the full support and actions by the Colton City Leaders and the perseverance of the members of Colton Woman' Club, a Public Library was build in 1908. The library heritage building is now the home of the Colton Area Museum.

In the summer of 1913, the Club purchased a lot on the S/W corner of 7th and "F" Streets, with a small church building. The stage area of our present clubhouse is from the church.

In 1921-1922 stock was sold and $12,000 was borrowed to obtain and remodel our current building. The club met for the first time in the present building October 14,1924.

When the decade starting in 1930 came the depression, and as it increased the presidents and members found it more and more difficult to keep the club going. Some members thought the club should be disbanded and the clubhouse sold. Staunch members continue to carry on it spite of frustration, lack of attendance and shortage of money. An arduous task keep the club alive. Dues were reduced from $5 to $3. in spite of all the difficult times, the burning of the clubhouse mortgage took place May 11,1938 and the club was free of debt
World War 11 came in December 1941 and brought more changes to club activities. The club house was opened as headquarters for distribution of Red Cross materials. Because of sugar and coffee rationing, members agreed to furnish them by using alphabetical list The talk of possibility or women being drafted to save fruit crops was discussed. This did not become a reality. A request from the Draft Board to furnish a list of members who would be eligible to join the Women's Air Corps: a list was submitted but was never used.

In early 1950 a new cooling system was installed, public breakfasts, dinners and many other ways and means projects were carried out to raise the funds. A committee was appointed to consider ways of enlarging the club house. In 1955,100 commemorative plates were purchased and sold for $1.75, hangers were 25^. Clubs dues were raised to $7.50 The Colton Woman's Club sign was repainted and relocated on the clubhouse. It remains there today. In November 1957 extensivie remodeling of the clubhouse was underway, with a new kitchen added.
ColtonWoman's Club History
ORGANIZED 1900                 FEDERATED 1901