GFWC/CFWC San Bernardino District's twenty women's clubs are affiliated with the California Federation of Women's Clubs (CFWC). The CFWC is part of an international community service organization (GFWC) which provides education, training and interaction opportunities for volunteers who are committed to individual growth and community improvement to enrich the quality of life throughout California and the world.


CFWC was organized in January of 1900 and became the thirty-seventh state to join the General Federation of Women's Clubs in May of the same year. At that time, CFWC was composed of 40 clubs and almost 6000 members.

"Strength United is Stronger" was the motto chosen for the State Federation at the 1902 Convention. "America the Beautiful" was adopted as the official song in 1922. The Gold Rose, named "Treasure," was adopted in 1970 as the official flower.


The Emblem of the California Federation of Women's Clubs was designed in 1903 by Miss Bernice Scoville. The Emblem is the insignia of a common cause and creates a spirit of cooperation among those who wear it.

The Torch represents the educational work of the Federation and invites all to knowledge of the principles of American citizenship.

The Wings pointing upward are symbolic of the higher thoughts and aspirations which are the aim of all.
The Band circling both typifies the unbroken chain of strength and loyalty - not only to the clubs, but also to the state.

The State Motto, "STRENGTH UNITED IS STRONGER", suggested by Annie Little Barry, and chosen in convention 1902, reminds us that in unity there is strength, and through the united efforts of the club women of California it is possible to accomplish many things for the benefit of the people of the state.

The Emblem is the design of the official Federation pin. A president wears the gavel above the pin and a past president wears the gavel below the pin.
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